Do you want to make a stellar career working for India’s one of the leading basic chemical companies? Then, we welcome you to join us.

At Meghmani Finechem Limited, employees are the greatest asset.  We have created a work culture that holds values, integrity and diversity in high esteem. The company values performance and provides a platform to learn, excel and grow. Our remuneration and reward policy is fair and transparent. Whether you are looking for opportunities at senior level or junior level, we welcome people with energy, enthusiasm and broad range of experiences & skill set. Here, you will not just work as an employee of the company, but make friends, share learning and experiences, and become a part of Meghmani Family.


Post - Assistant General Manager

Qualification - BE Chemical (Min. Experience - 20 years)

Job Description - Responsibilities include formulating overall strategy, managing people and implementation of policies. To be successful in this role, the person should be a thoughtful leader and a confident decision-maker, helping people to develop skills and be productive, while ensuring the profits are on the rise.

Post - Manager

Qualification - BE Chemical (Min. Experience - 10 years)

Job Description - Create and manage the department's budget, define company policies and implement training, Monitor internal HR systems and ensure compliance.

Post - Senior Engineer

Qualification - BE Chemical (Min. Experience - 7 years)

Job Description - Responsible for implementation of production processes and procedures, leading productivity improvements with project based activities, including new product introduction and manufacturing cell design to reduce waste, improve quality and safety, and reduce operating costs. Manage KPIs and ensure preventative actions are taken to maximize success. Work on many phases or sub-tasks of projects or entire projects of moderate complexity, with results impacting on project completion.

Post - Shift In charge

Qualification - BE Chemical (Min. Experience - 5 years)

Job Description - Supervise production line operation in accordance with plant policies and procedures. To train and coach production line employees. Responsible for shift schedule to include: work station assignments/rotations, employee training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations. Responsible to meet shift production goals, responsible for quality controls. Make adjustments as necessary during shift to produce product within specifications. Operate within Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with Job Safety Communicate with other Shift Supervisors and Plant Manager. Ensure a clean and safe work area. Complete shift paper work.

Post - DCS Engineer

Qualification - BE Chemical (Min. Experience - 3 years)

Job Description - Analyzing data and presenting findings in written reports; managing operations; working collaboratively with operation engineers, purchasers and other internal staff; understanding and ensuring compliance with relevant health and safety regulations and quality standards

Post - Supervisor

Qualification - BSc /MSc /Diploma in Chemical (Min. Experience 15 years)

Job Description - Set daily/weekly/monthly production plan and communicate them to employees, Organize workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing schedules, Oversee and coach employees. Ensure the safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance, Check production output according to specifications, Submit reports on performance and progress , Identify issues in efficiency and suggest improvements, Train new employees on how to safely use machinery and follow procedures, Enforce strict safety guidelines and company standards.

Post - Operator

Qualification - AOCP/ITI (Min. Experience 5 years)

Job Description - Oversees Machinery from calibrating equipment to monitoring gauges, production operators attend to machines so they operate correctly and produce the desired results Inspect Finished Products., Report to Supervisor, Maintain a Safe Environment, Setup the production equipment and supplies before executing the job orders. Operate equipment safely and effectively for production processing. Perform regular equipment maintenance to ensure production capacity and quality.

Post - Utility Operator

Qualification - ITI - RFM Trade (Experience 5-9 years, Max. Age: - 35 years)

Job Description - Regular Operation of utilities, safe and efficient operation of utility equipment, ensure regular safe chemical handling and cooling water treatment. Maintain Daily log book activity and also to monitor all critical parameters of utility areas and execute corrections if any.

Post - Technician

Qualification ITI - Fitter Trade (Experience 5-9 years, Max. Age: - 35 years)

Job Description - Daily maintenance of various utility, to check and maintain stock of regular consumable items. Strictly adhere to company safety requirements during execution of any job. Educate the contract workers for safe execution of the maintenance activities.





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