Environment Health and Safety(EHS)

Integral Pillars of our sustainable progress

For Meghmani Finechem Limited, the protection of people and the environment is top priority.  Our core business of chemical production, processing and transportation demands responsible approach. We systematically address risks with a comprehensive Management System, which is continually being further improved.  We strongly believe that every stride we take for fulfilling basic chemical needs of the nation should reflect our pledge to protect environment and people.

Environmental Protection

The company is environmentally responsible organization and endorses the sustainable development. The plant is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified for the environmental management systems as per the international guidelines. The company adopts the best available technology to enhance the productivity and reduce the carbon footprint. The alternate source of energy is also adopted along with the energy efficient electrical equipments . The organization is conscious about contribution towards climate protection and takes requisite actions to boost conservation of natural resources and energy efficiency. The company has necessary infrastructure in place and adopts the reduce, reuse, recycle policy, and the balance is treated to meet the requirements as per the standard norms. The organization regularly reviews the environmental parameters by competent third party audits and ensures the compliance by environmental monitoring. : The plant, manufacturing processes and business operations are designed to encourage economic success in harmony with responsibility towards environment we operate in, employees we work with and stakeholders involved in our business.

Management of Health & Safety

Fundamental framework of EHS system is based on Responsible Care and ISO requirements. This ensures compliance with the regulatory standards, and drives excellence in improving the EHS performance through continual improvement.

The EHS policy acts as a guiding document and defines measures for identifying, addressing and eliminating or mitigating any impacts/risks arising from processes, unsafe working conditions and unsafe acts. We value health and safety of the people above all.

We make continuous efforts to enhance our occupational health & safety practices to enhance the company’s overall performance.

Prevention of loss to business, human beings and environment is ensured by identifying hazards and minimizing risks. This is being done by maintaining integrity of plant and hardware, robust design, faultless execution of operational  procedures,  trained people,  promoting alertness and maintaining emergency handling preparedness  for controlling of consequences arising out of any of above barrier breach.